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As we know unlike other heavy furniture, pianos though big in size and heavy, still a delicate complex furniture. It needs a specialized care when moving. piano moving or relocation should be done with the help of trained professionals using right equipment. At Oxremovals we have highly trained movers to provide successful piano removals of any company brand, any type grand or uprights, of any size and weight.

Our furniture removalists will carefully wrap the piano using blankets padding and move with special techniques and equipment.

Sometimes heavy furniture removals will be difficult to move it out from constricted spaces so there is a need to dismantle the furniture. To dismantle a piano and then resemble it back to its previous form needs a professional help.

We have a good knowledge of all internal working parts and piano mechanics, we can dismantle piano, and after it is transported to the new location we also reassemble it to its previous excellent physical and functional state. We also tune the piano after the move.

Whether it’s an upright piano, baby grand or full concert piano, our dedicated team of piano movers will collect it and safely transport it to its new home.It’s essential your piano move is handled by professional movers, especially if you have stairs or narrow spaces to navigate

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The team at Oxremovals have specialist equipment which enables us to carefully lift your piano onto a trolley so it can be carried to a vehicle. we’ll ensure it is properly wrapped to preserve the finish and strapped in securely for a trouble-free journey..

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